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How Much Is Microblading & Omg New L’Oreal Microbladed Brow Tattoo Does It Work?

I’m kind of competing with the sunlight healing microblading, here you couldn’t tell kind of a little bright, so I’m going to make this a very quick tutorial using the new benefit cosmetics brow micro filling pen I am supposed to get this in the mail from benefits, so thank you in advance benefit, but I actually went out and bought this from sephora, the day of launch I was so excited especially since my browser already micro blade, I’m always looking for something that will help me recreate that look as they are now in the fading process, so I hope you guys are outside, just a tutorial, and let’s jump into it clearly I’m in desperate need of this brow pen, I’m using the dark brown shade, it does have three prongs and is made out of nylon instead of polyester which is what other brow pens are made out of this helps it so it doesn’t skip at all, and so that the product is evenly dispersed throughout the three prongs, so the front apartment brow I am holding this so that all three prongs are touching my skin at the same time, and then towards the back half of my brow, I’m then holding the pen so that scabbing microblading healing process.It basically allows me to make individual hair strokes, this is really neat, it’s kind of a tune one pens, basically you have the ability, if you want to just draw on individual strokes, you can just change the way you’re holding the pen so that you can draw those on I am going back in and kind of layering, this it does work better if you don’t like if you just do one pass because it’s made to just make it super quick and easy, this is probably gonna be the shortest tutorial I’ve ever done just because it was so easy to just do this pretty quickly, but if you wanted to maybe touch up some spots that were a little sparse you were totally able to do that is buildable and actually you can layer other products on top of it benefit described it as like a tinted moisturizer, so it’s not super full coverage if you wanted to go back on with a pencil or with a powder that would be great, you just want to do afterwards, and this is the finished look just using a brow pen, so let me know what you guys think in the comments down below have you tried out brow pencil for brown stains that’s something you’re interested in or do you typically buy.Yourself going for more brow powder or brow pencils I know for me because I am lacking brown hair, I’m always looking for something that can help recreate that especially with this, it does last a really long time I tested it out when I wake boarding and held on and held on last for 24 hours, so for me that was a huge draw because I feel like because I lack the brow hair, it tends to wear off easily when it comes to like brow pencil, sometimes the wax just hold on as long as I would like it to so I really love that this lasted as long as it did and it does last for 24 hours, so I feel like for me just to kind of make it look more natural and recreate that depth I find myself more drawn to using brown hens and brow stains and I really love that there’s a lot more of them coming out recently on the market which is great for the summertime anyways.