Uppsala is an important university and cultural center of Sweden. There is also an important museum of the Gothic peoples here. The most valuable artifact is the Wulfila Bible or Codex Argenteus. Its history is unique and somewhat surprising. Prof. Dr. Lars Munkhammar, historian, states in an interview: “… Wulfila used in the translation of this Bible an old language about which we know nothing … This special alphabet was used in Sweden, we do not know for how long. This writing was used as sacred writing, long after Wulfila, in parallel with the Latin alphabet. …. He was born in 311 and probably died in 381, something like that, … so in the middle of the forth century he translated the Bible. He was born and lived in Dacia, today’s Romania and he was made a bishop for the Gothic peoples”. (minutes 54.25-55.00) /1/

Trained at the Zalmoxian school of religion, Wulfila spent time in Constantinople, the new capital of the Roman Empire. He became a Christian bishop, receiving the mission of translating the Bible. The translated Bible includes the four gospels. The letters he used come from Greek, Latin and Getic (90%) and Swedish runes (10%). This translation did not supported the Germanic lineage of Bishop Wulfila. Then he went on a long pilgrimage to northern Europe. He began an extensive and long process of Christianization of the peoples and tribes in that area.

There are a number of contradictions and disputes in the historical literature regarding a certain confusion generated by the words the Getae and the Goths. It is not the subject of this approach. However, some clarifications are needed.

G. Gheorghe, in an extremely well-documented research and with pertinent arguments, Getica-Introductory Study, states:

„From Getae and the Goths just a vowel was changed, but a new ethnicity was not born alongside this change, an operation completely impossible even for a prestidigitator mundi….. Nowhere, not even in the writings of Cassiodor *-Iordanes ** is indicated the moment in time when these so-called Goths appeared. Being a fabulous family tree, one could not even mark the births of the selected protagonists and the battles they fought, through calendar years …. It was wanted to make an exception about the Goths, as it was also pointed out by others (F. Donald Logan, J.A. Leake, etc.), but the purpose of this „exception” introduced by medieval historiography, mainly German, but also French, was a political one, it was not a reality. ” 2/

Some clarifications are needed to prevent the appearance of „false subtleties into the annals of history.”

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2.  GETICA – Studiu Introductiv de Gabriel Gheorghe (GETICA – Introductory Study by Gabriel Gheorghe) (


*/ Cassiodorus, a Roman historian, writes a history of the Getae, entitled De origine actusque Getarum (see C. Gheorghe)


**/ Jordanes, Get historian

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