The return of the Gods ...

From concordant open sources, information emmerges that in the coming years the Earth will suffer a series of natural disasters, but also of another nature that will endanger the current human society. There are no relevant references to the type or form of these disasters. Several authorized public voices, at zonal or global level, have invoked an accelerated global warming process, with disastrous consequences for ice caps. Their melting in a short period of time will cause a sharp rise in ocean water levels, with major implications for many land areas. Noah’s flood, the second „wave”, of course … I cannot deny a relative correlation between the process of global warming, the melting of the icebergs and the major floods that will follow. Although the explanation seems somewhat hallucinatory, it is too simplistic. So this human society (almost six thousand years old) and the people are to blame! One sometimes evokes catastrophic earthquakes, major volcanic eruptions, the collision of the Earth with various cosmic bodies, etc. These natural events, with possible disastrous consequences, have a relatively marginal media exposure. Some explanations should be sought in outer space. I don’t know if we will find them with the means that we have at our disposal or if we will be allowed to find them.

What do our good gods, the same gods, the oldest or the newest gods, do?

A complete silence and an impenetrable darkness cover the potential answer.

No, it is not about the black matter, the most consistent part of the intergalactic space. I think of the Higgs boson, nicknamed by some as the „particle of God.” Suddenly, it appears on the horizon, Anunnaki!

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Velemir Radovan

Velemir Radovan

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