Telepathy and Psychic Influence

Telepathy is the universal language. The communication by thoughts between all living beings is the common thread that can keep us in touch with each other, and the world around us. Some people are born with this natural language portal wide open, finding it easy to transmit and receive the thoughts and feelings of others. It can become a learned skill, by learning to relax and listen, and having someone to practice with, no matter the distance between.

The biological mechanisms behind Extra Sensory Perception, which includes telepathy, clairvoyance, and future knowledge have been found to be rooted in the Pineal Gland, and Mirror Neurons. Possibly the hippocampal and parahippocampal brain regions are also involved in telepathic communication.

There have been several nations who have silently embraced the “Paraphysics” of telepathy in order to gain influence over the adversary. They have funded research studies on ESP, psychokinesis, and neuroscience technologies to create Brain Machine Interfaces for soldier’s helmets that enables the Synthetic Telepathy connection. The Pentagon used to call it psychic warfare, but changed it to Military Information Support Operations (MISO). When it is combined for the dual use potential of controlling artificial limbs using non invasive devices that has brought forward promising results.

To communicate with those we love, listen to the real reasons someone is opposing an idea, or to just share love with a pet or wild creature are good premises to develop and expand telepathic abilities. It is not just humans that use telepathy, but all living things, including butterflies, birds, dogs, trees, and even rocks can communicate on this open wavelength. The telepathic ideas come as words, pictures, and feelings that can be understood intuitively.

Psychic Influence is a method of influencing by using your thoughts from a distance. The person receiving the thoughts might not know that you have used your thoughts to influence them. But then again they might start questioning your motives for getting in their head. Be careful who you approach, telepathically, they may become offended if you try to force your ideas in their minds. To gain information from a person through telepathic discussion, ask simple questions, and then listen to their answers. Then ask further questions to gain more details as they are thinking about the topic. Make it a peaceful discussion, or they may sense your motives and cut off further questions from your presence.

No matter where in the universe your telepathy leads, trust your intuition. Ultimately, we can all communicate clearly with each other. Be a positive voice whispering in other’s ears.

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Marie Black

Marie Black

Marie Black has over 30 years of psychic skills training and use. PSYCHIC WARFARE Civilian consulting experience through a TOP SECRET Paranormal Research Project. She is a professionally trained clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and telepathic consultant who can see the truth about anyone or any subject. Her business background includes several successful startups, education of large groups, innovative healthcare research, and community based projects.

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