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Retail industry in India is expected to rise 25% yearly being driven by strong income growth, changing lifestyles, and favourable demographic patterns. The concept of Shopertainment’ is hard to define in the context of a shopping center. Although malls have traditionally offered several different types of entertainment options, it is this category that has seen the most growth in recent years. Few aspects common to all of us is that we are all consumers and reasons for a business firm to come into being is the presence of consumers who have unfulfilled, or partially fulfilled needs and wants. Consumer behaviour is the study of how people buy, what they buy, when they buy and why they buy. It is a subcategory of marketing that blends elements from psychology, sociology, anthropology and economics.

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Parking lot advertising captures the attention of shoppers as they enter or depart shopping malls, leaving a lasting brand impression. To get the attention of the customers, we employ attention-getting tactics. Our advertisements in malls enable merchants and retail items to reach a large audience in public spaces and increase traffic to their locations. We provide you the ability to engage with potential customers after they’ve made a purchase.

These are some essential motivators for shoppers to visit malls and spend money. On social media, they have been highlighting offers as well as arranging for online engagement activities including live cookery shows, yoga sessions and makeover DIYs. The team is also nudging people to go visit a mall, giving them reasons to make new memories under #InfinitiCares. Customers are already prepared for spending at malls, and tend to allow for more time to learn about our clients’ offerings. Our vibrant promoters relay the vision of our clients and create positive associations with their brand, as well as their products/services.

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Unleash creativity and make something memorable or eye-catching out of your store’s window display to further your sales promotion strategies. Retail stores put up products for sale due to a number of reasons. Last season’s products that are usually trendy give way to a new season and therefore a new trend. Sales are hence also needed to make more space on the counters for new products that come in after a season has passed. This can be seen for stores that put Diwali gift packages and Diwali consumable gift hampers on sale after the festival has passed. After the festival, most hampers from hotshot brands can also be bought on heavy discounts.

Play the images and videos simultaneously in a two-zone screen layout if it’s a digital screen. Want to print and pin the photos to static mall signage or board? Go ahead and share your proud moments with your audience whichever way you like. In fact, you can save time on creating new content and run any online page on the screens by adding the URL of that page to a dedicated app that usually you get along with your digital signage software.

For Infiniti Andheri, they have a new experiential luxury food court in the works. In the mall, the team has tried to keep the communication bright and vibrant. If a store or part of it is under construction, consumers can get injured due to sudden movements. If you can caution them early, they can avoid the area altogether. Share the reviews you get on your Google My Business profile on your mall signage screens. It will help you authenticate the supremacy of your mall’s retail experience.

We are taking efforts to offer a safe shopping experience to our customers,” explains Ibhrampurkar. To offer this generation engagement and entertainment, shopping malls are constantly striving to ideate new way-outs. The only motto of shopping centers now is to create a perfect combination of the conventional and digital mall signage and offer an immersive experience to the shoppers. For marketers who wish to achieve maximum advantage of this medium, Khushi has the best solutions. We help you not just foradvertising in shopping centresbut give you manyshopping mall promotion ideas too. Khushi is the fastest growing mall advertising agency in India. We understand your promotion objectives and prepare comprehensive plans for all yourshopping mall advertising needs.

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Malls give you the vantage point to reach out to people and usher instantaneous replies from them in one single destination. We are specialists offering outdoor advertising solutions to help you choose the right areas to advertise based on the demographics of your TG. Help you book strategically positioned ad spaces for mall advertising that make it easier to capture the attention of your audience & deliver the brand message precisely. We help you achieve maximum ROI, whatever may be your budget on ad spend. We make it possible for you to reach the target groups to even those who have low exposure.

If you have an e-commerce storefront alongside your physical stores, blog posts, increased website loading speed, valuable content, SEO, and website navigation should be your point of focus. Have your discounts on show in bold right outside your store, and make sure your retail name is visible from a distance. A storefront that does not look appealing will not attract customers; that is just plain human psychology. To keep the engagement going on social media, Growel’s gets followers to play Funbola, an online version of Tambola, via Live sessions on their Instagram and Facebook handles. He stresses how the safety of customers will be their primary objective going forward and all promotions will be planned while keeping this in mind. Safety protocols laid by the authorities will be key to their communication all through this year.

You can keep a karaoke or music player running with your information signage. Deploying a social wall also means improved online footprint count ensuring more feedback. Television advertising costs can vary greatly depending on the lengt…

Maybe even a little hard to believe but it does work like magic. Most people have a strong affinity for the right direction in general. When you enter a mall, which direction do you usually turn first? When you are entering a mall, remember the entire purpose of all the decor, design and architecture is to get you to stay for a longer time than you intend to.

You need to buy land, construct a facility, and hire personnel in order to develop a profitable mall. Customers will forget your store, again and again, many times they have to recall again in their mind. Invest 5-10% of profits in marketing so that the customer does not forget the store. Facade advertising refers to large-scale advertisements that are exhibited on the outside of shopping malls. They are generally exhibited to grab the attention of passers-by who are driving through the mall in their cars or other vehicles. These advertisements are large and span a large portion of the mall’s outside walls.

Achieving a measurable return on investment should be at the heart of any strategy. You can also live stream popular sports events or concerts on giant mall screens and video walls. This is a common strategy many shopping malls use to draw in crowds. Sports fans might simply step into your shopping mall to enjoy live matches with a bunch of sports buffs. And before you know, they are grabbing a pizza from your food court or picking up a yoga mat from the gym store.