The article is an attempt to bring forth the true Science that has existed in the Vedic literature in coded and mathematical form. We are sharing one such instance which will emphasize the fact that all the scientific knowledge which is yet to be discovered will be found in the Vedas.                                                              



European Council for Nuclear Research was founded in 1952 for fundamental physics research in Europe.


Higgs Boson Particle

The base particle which was predicted by Peter Higgs along with Satyendra Nath Bose and four other scientists in 1964


The particle is a fundamental particle and is responsible to give mass to the particles. The scientific community has carried out one of the biggest experiment to find the Higgs Boson particle at CERN in Geneva.


Properties of Higgs Boson particle

It is a quantum particle so it exists both in wave form and as a particle. It has more mass than that was initially anticipated. The most interesting part is that the particle is also called GOD Particle.


The Concept of Lord Ganpati and God Particle

This name triggered a thought that the scientific world is talking about the Hindu God “Ganpati”. Upon further analysis it really gets clear that it is indeed Ganpati that the scientific world is trying to rediscover that was known since the Vedic times.


The Trinity 

Before we understand the Ganpati or the God particle let us understand what the trinity Gods in Vedic Text scientifically represent:


Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva will be the Nuclear Force. Lord Shiva, also known as the creator and the destroyer of the world, fits this definition as you need a nucleus for forming the elements and we know that the nucleus, when broken, will release a very high amount of energy.


Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu (Electromagnetic Force). Lord Vishnu is known as the caretaker. We know that light, heat, sound, magnetism, electricity are all forms of electromagnetic energy and without these energy life cannot be sustained.


Lord Bhrahma

Lord Bhrahma (The Gravitational Force).The creator of the universe. For the universe to exist, it needs gravitational force to create the stars, the planets and the galaxy. In a way Bhrahma, is the creator of the macro world which we can see.


The Birth of Lord Ganpati

Goddess Shakti creates Ganpati out of pure energy. She appoints him as a guard. One fine day Lord Shiva pays a visit to Goddess Shakti, however Lord Ganpati denies Shiva to enter. Lord Shiva gets angry and beheads Lord Ganpati. Goddess is very upset with this and threatens to destroy the entire creation. Lord Shiva brings Ganpati back to life by placing an elephant head on him. Also Lord Ganpati receives a bone from all the Gods that he will be worshipped first before the start of any auspicious occasion.


The Scientific View of Ganpati

Now Goddess Shakti is pure energy and Ganpati (God Particle) is formed out of pure energy, Lord Ganpati has an elephant head and a human body and this explains the dual nature of the quantum particle. Also the depiction of Lord Ganpati as bulky clearly suggests it has more mass as observed by the scientist. The Lord is worshipped before the start of any auspicious occasion and that confirms that it is the fundamental particle required to form elements.

Finally Lord Ganpati means Head of the Ganas that is he is the head of the warriors of Lord Shiva. As CERN keeps discovering new quantum particles, the number of quantum particles will be equal to number of Ganas.



If CERN is able to harness a nascent nucleus and release it in the reaction chamber just before the particles collide, the scientist will be able to study the God Particle in more detail and witness the formation of elements. 


If we are to decipher the Vedas in their true forms we guess humans would have all the knowledge that they are looking for and the biggest question of why we are here and what is the ultimate equation of the Universe can be revealed.

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Dr. Shilpa Sonawane

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