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Descriptive Essay Format & Examples

This is done in order to rectify the document for any kind of spelling or grammatical mistakes. Thus, proofreading makes content high quality and gives a professional touch to it. It is a common concept that a descriptive essay revolves around one subject. Be it a place, person, event, or any other object you can think of. For instance, look at one of the short descriptive essay examples given below.

  1. After arriving in one small shop, he bought us a milk and an ice cream.
  2. Ever noticed how you feel like actually seeing the character from a novel in your mind?
  3. Once you have completed a draft of the essay, read it aloud to yourself.
  4. This extraordinary woman received me from the time I was born, and she still does when I’m now approaching full adulthood.
  5. The right choice of words will give your reader a clear image of what you describe and show that you write correctly.
  6. What is more, this genre allows for a great deal of artistic freedom .
  7. General to specific organization starts with the most general details of the paper topic and moves to the most specific details.

He is an expert in his craft and takes great pride in helping students achieve their academic goals. Caleb is a dedicated professional who always puts his clients first. A descriptive essay is an essay where you describe something in detail. A descriptive essay relies on facts and information to describe a subject as it is. At his life time, he was stated as a stupid person who tried and failed to learn painting. At first, he failed in love and thus made him suffered in life. His failure in love broke his mental and confidence.

Defining a Descriptive Essay

This text type has a slight difference with report text written based on common terms. Some possible topics to describe are an object, a place, a person, or an event. Follow these steps to begin writing a descriptive essay. A metaphor is another type of figurative language that makes a comparison between two unlike things, but it does not use a connective word such as like or as.

A thesis statement is the key idea or theme for the essay. It states the purpose of the essay and acts as a guide for the rest of the essay. The thesis statement should appear in your introduction and be restated in your conclusion. I am lucky to have a mother who always supports me no matter my misgivings. I had a difficult time adapting to my first year in high school, and I almost quit, but my mum listened to my grievances, and with her support, I managed to finish high school. Supportive behavior is crucial for individual well-being, especially when it comes to emotional support, where a person can be able to relieve distress from a challenge . My mother’s supportive character has given me the strength to endure a lot of challenging situations in life as well as learn a lot in what life has to offer.

Sample Essay

Explain how the thing smelled, felt, sounded, tasted, or looked. In your initial research, you need to choose who will be the person you will describe. It is important that you know him well so that you can able to deliver a wonderful essay. Researching is one of the key elements that you should not forget when you are writing, but you have to know how to practice essay writing for this aim.

To make your descriptive essay more vivid, try to incorporate sensory details like touch, taste, sight, and smell. Collect the Necessary InformationOnce you have created the thesis statement and you are done writing the introduction for your essay, it’s time to move towards the body paragraphs. Descriptive essays are assigned essay formatting to students at all academic levels. University students are also assigned descriptive essay writing assignments. As they are students of higher educational levels, they are often given a bit of difficult and more descriptive topics. It is assigned to students of high school and all other students at different academic levels.

When You Write Your Essay

An overdone will not grab the attention of your intended audience. If you are a senior student and looking for some great descriptive essay examples for grade 12, you are exactly where you should be. If you have visited a good holiday spot or any other place and want to let your friends know about it. how to properly cite a website in an essay A descriptive essay can help you explain every detail and moment you had at that place. Following is an example of a descriptive essay written using the famous 5 paragraph method. Descriptive Essay Example 5 Paragraph 5 paragraphsessay writing formatis the most common method of composing an essay.

A descriptive essay describes and gives sensory details about a person, place, event, or thing in an in-depth and detailed manner. It often brings up memories for the reader or allows them to visualize what you are describing. You can write a descriptive essay on places you’ve visited or that you imagine, how to reference an article in an essay interesting people, experiences you’ve had, and more. It’s the process in which you think of ideas for what you’d like to write about. In this case, you’re writing a descriptive paragraph about a person. It’s important to use adjectives to describe the features or characteristics you want to focus on.

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You don’t need to conduct deep research to write descriptive essays; just your personal description and explanation example of an outline for an essay about the topic are enough. As research is required, it might be easy for you to write a descriptive essay.

descriptive essay about a person

If the subject is a person, include physical characteristics and mannerisms. Describe abstractions such as personality traits only insofar as you can observe them. On the other hand, a subject’s life history and world perspective may not be, unless you can infer them, for example, from the photos on his walls or the books on his bookshelf. However, if you are still confused about picking a descriptive essay topic, then make use of our essay writing service immediately at an affordable rate. We have highly qualified descriptive essay writers round the clock to assist you. Just send your writing requirements to us and get a top-quality descriptive essay as per your expectations.

Descriptive Essay Critique Essay

It can be anything from places and animals to smells, feelings, and people’s mindsets. Jake holds a BS in International Business and Marketing from Pepperdine University. Try to incorporate your emotions to deepen the reader’s experience. You have now “proved” to the reader that Carol has extreme emotional responses and done so in an engaging way. It’s important to give such descriptions if you want to keep your writing interesting and not to be boring.

descriptive essay about a person

Make sure that you collect information from authentic sources. The following are some very basic yet important steps that can help you write an amazing descriptive essay easily.

Writing A Descriptive Essay

Use the images to help you describe the appearance and share your observations. You can then elegantly explain that person’s characteristics, demeanor, strengths, and weaknesses.

How do you describe a descriptive place?

How to describe a place: Describe place through characters' senses. Include time period in description. Include small-scale changes in time.

You can use your creative flair to show the subject’s hardships and challenges in a very sensitive way. Readers may be able to relate to comparable difficulties in their own lives and gain a sense of direction. You can discuss how the subject overcame challenges and attained his objectives. You must have a firm grasp on the personality you will be describing. Have a thorough understanding of his strengths and shortcomings.

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Use a thesaurus to avoid repeating the same descriptive words and phrases. Your goal here is to paint a picture, not to reach a process or method. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. If someone asked you what a noun is, you’d probably say it’s a person, place,… Type your requirements and I’ll connect you to an academic expert within 3 minutes. If you are describing an object, describe its shape, size, and color. A thesis that begins with the words „I believe” or „In my opinion.”

How to describe a person?

Some of the adjectives that we can use are – affable, amicable, caring, thoughtful, beautiful, classy, precious, impressive, irreplaceable, trustworthy, understanding, sweet, etc. These are just a few examples.

Single mothers across the globe face financial instability where they are forced to engage in other strategies to extend income to take care of their family (West et al. 359). Choose a TopicFor a descriptive essay, you must choose a vast topic to allow you to express yourself freely. Also, make sure that the topic you choose is not overdone.

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