You can become one of our collaborators if you observe some requirements, as follows:
-information, short news, articles, results of some studies, positive experiences, etc. should be in accordance with our site’s profile
- they shall be edited in Romanian language/if applicable/ and in two other widespread languages /at choice/
-diacritics shall be used in the texts written in Romanian language.
- the articles for the journal Social Slatina shall be written at 11/2 rows, 3-5 pages, font size 12 and accompanied by pictures, references, graphics etc/. The rigorous selection and observance of several standards in the structure of the provided materials are required.
-we would like to have the author CV as well as a photograph
-a written agreement for publishing the materials
-we shall not publish materials concerning political matters or the ones which affect the human dignity
-the author is legally responsible for the content of the provided information
-we are waiting for your suggestions, remarks, proposals, concerning our site’s structure, approached topics/journal, surveys, etc/
- we kindly ask you to observe all the above stated requirements.